** If you do not fall into any of the below, do not be discouraged. We understand that not everyone will fit neatly into a single category. My therapists and I can assist people in all walks of life. Schedule a Consultation to see how we can help **

First Timers

It is our goal to remove mental health stigma. That’s why I welcome the opportunity to work with people new to therapy. My therapists and I will gladly answer your questions and give you the facts about therapy.

Counseling Military Personnel


Military veterans and their families carry a unique set of challenges due to their unique lifestyles. As a veteran, I have first hand knowledge and understanding of the challenges veterans face. It was my honor to serve this country and it is now my honor to serve our country’s veterans.

Working professionals

Working Professionals

The working professional is a largely overlooked and forgotten group. This is a group that, by all outward appearances, has it figured out. They are striving and thriving. What is not seen, however, is the immense pressure they face.

Working professionals deal with a lot of stress and have high levels of anxiety and depression. If this describes you, we see you and we hear you. My team and I will help you find the balance and wellness you need.

Black women get counseling

Strong Black Women

This is arguably one of the most stigmatized groups of people. The title was originally affixed to Black woman as a term of endearment and empowerment. But being a strong, independent woman has become a blessing and a curse. Having to be strong all the time can be exhausting. It can also be misleading. Being strong gives the false impression you don’t need or deserve help. Strong women rarely get the chance to take a break, or the opportunity to be vulnerable. If you are tired of being strong, my team and I are here to help you find peace and rest.

Black men get counseling

Black Men

Black men are increasingly open to receiving therapy, and that is a wonderful thing! Black men have enormous pressures, expectations, and fears that can have negative effects on their wellbeing and mental health. My team and I are honored to assist Black men in navigating their thoughts and emotions.

African American couple

Couples and Families

The COVID-19 Pandemic, shelter-in-place orders, working from home, and home- schooling has tested many family units and couple dynamics. We will work together to bring your family and relationships back to a state of balance and help you create new connections that foster love and growth.


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